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2006 - (September-October)



2006 - (September-October)

Consulate General of the Republic of Litvania in St.Petersburg

It is hard to find an artist or a poet who wouldnt be once and for all fascinated by the exquisite scenery of the Summer Garden. To represent the shady alleys adorned with marble statues and the graceful structures of the old park seems to be a must for every painter of St. Petersburg. But in the pictures of Igor Nelubovich you will not feel the romantic atmosphere of the garden full of greenery or when it is mainly gold during the fall of the leaf. A modest palace of Peter 1, an asymmetric decoration of the Summer Garden, is vaguely seen in the growing dusk; the rythm of empty benches alternates with the rythm of sharp needles of snow which seem to physically prickle and pierce - such is the image of the Summer Garden painted by Nelubovich.
The artist is attracted by a different kind of the city harmony. A coat of snow hiding excessive, unnecessary details is a permanent attribute of his ideal of St. Petersburg. Snow covering deserted embankments and hogged bridges, icy tranquil water, in which cathedrals are reflected like in a mirror, turn St Peter-sburg of Nelubovich into a kind of a Symbol. A Symbol of the City which lives without bustle and without be-ing attached to any definite period of time.
Every familiar corner of the city is represented in Nelubovich pictures in a new light of its restrained beauty. A contrast of white and black, sometimes punctuated by a colorful spot, a lacy outline of transparent trees this is a source of inspiration for anyone who perceives the depth of solitude. Here is a easily recognizable and finely rendered aspect of the Church of the Savior on Spilt Blood always looking monumental, but unexpectedly the cathedral acquires unusual aeriality and elegance. A simple old street-lamp or a signpost are not less important for Nelubovich than the cathedral itself they often become the main characters of the painting. This is how the artists brush creates its perfect St. Petersburg. And never ever, not in a single landscape, will you find the characteristic features of our time, because Nelubovich thoroughly avoids them lest the spirit of timelessness and escapism should disappear.
The artists muse is not identic to the poets ethereal dream. Now charming and flirty, now gloomy and languishing, shi is always different at the same time has something in common with all the young girls of St Petersburg. In the ideal City created by Igor Nelubovich shi is the only and most revered resident.
Eugenia Logvinova, art historian

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